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CNA School Student Reviews

We ask for student feedback and constantly work to improve our program. Here is what a few students had to say about COMPASS NURSING ARTS

This facility is amazing and clients are happy here. -ZT

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for everything you have done for me this week. I never thought I would feel so fulfilled after this week, but, here I am reflecting on everything, and being fulfilled is an understatement. Not only did I learn so much, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I cannot wait to start working.-NB

I learned so much and understood everything! -SN

The school prepares you well and sets you up for achievement! -CK

The instructors are great and really care that you know the material. -AS

Amazing experienced instructors. -L.D.

It was great material and taught very clearly and well. -LZ

Great instructors, Great clinical site, Great class times and structure. -MP

Super fun and professional class for those interested in becoming a CNA! -MB

I would absolutely recommend this class! -LG

It is an amazing program that fits into college student's schedule perfectly. You meet amazing people and the instructors are very helpful. --anonymous

Teachers are kind, care a lot. -C

This program helped me feel more prepared for my future field of work. -KO

I loved this class and feel like I learned a ton! -MN

The class was taught in a clear, organized (and) interesting matter. -anonymous

The flex option (hybrid) is great one for students that work full time, and have children! -anonymous

Learned a lot in a short amount of time, wasn't a stressful environment which was nice, could tell instructor want(ed) you to learn. -GS

Thank you for all your compassion and kindness!!!! -LS

Learned a ton, felt ready for clinicals as much as I could be, enjoyed class, enjoyed lab, enjoyed clinicals. -anonymous

Good information and loved the staff! -anonymous

The people are amazing! --anonymous

It is a good program, learned a lot! -AS

Very in-depth and they love what they teach and make it fun to learn. -MG

This was a wonderful experience! -DD

Great teachers and great teaching facilities/abilities. -EH

This has taught me a lot, gratitude, staff being so great, really appreciative. -anonymous

(My instructor) was an amazing instructor. I am so happy I took this course with Compass. -KH

The instructors were great they really spent time with us on our skills. -RA

(My instructor) was an amazing instructor and the clinical site was great! -DJ

Was such a great experience with (a) great instructor. -GR

I felt I learned a lot! -anonymous

Organized; felt well prepared for the state exam and employment. JR


Thank you for everything-- all of the help. I really enjoyed Compass Nursing. -SN

(My instructor) had everyone's best interest and success in mind. -JG

I enjoyed the material, appreciate different teaching techniques in classroom and time in the lab for skills. -anonymous

Compass really helped prepare me for a CNA job and State test with practice, advice, technique and care. -JJ

Great staff, good variety in teaching methods, genuinely care about the success of students. Thank you ALL so much:)  -LE


"The online portion gets at the heart of being a nurse aide.

It's a textbook based ONLINE program that lets you go at your own pace to really explore the art of caregiving before you move into skills mastery." -J. Jones 

It was affordable, fast, and there was a lot of good information provided. I always felt like I was learning new and and interesting things. -JG

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