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Need help with payment?

We have a list of employers who may help you with the cost of the course. Employers often require an agreement to work for them for a specific period of time usually at a year. Complete the application below, we will contact you for an initial interview.

*If you are an employer and would like to help a student with the cost of training, please contact us!

For qualifications for a non-employee sponsor, please contact the agency directly. 



Non-Employee Sponsors:

Adams County  

Advancement Plus Training Program

Only for applicants 18 and older 

Have children under the age of 18 or have a current child support order

Must gross no more that 75,000/ year

Call 303-227-2649 (4430 S. Adams county Parkway, Brighton CO 80601)

Adams County

WIOA Youth Services

May not need to live in Adams County to qualify

Contact Jennifer Newton


Boulder County WorkForce


Jefferson County Workforce


Larimer County Workforce


Weld County Workforce


Job Interview

*MOST employers will require at least a year commitment as an employee.  Do NOT apply unless you can commit for at least a year. 

Employer Sponsor Application

Thanks for submitting!

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