CNA course Admission and Requirements

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Course Description

Nurse aide training program approved by the Colorado Board of Nursing (80 hours).  Focused on the nursing assistant role as it applies to resident/ patient care. Topics include communication, emergency/ first aid, infection prevention/ control, holistic care, promotion of independence, resident rights, death and dying care, body systems and conditions, observation, reporting to the nurse, dementia/ Alzheimers care, basic nursing personal care skills, nutrition and hydration, vital signs (including manual BP), rehabilitation care, skills demonstration/videos for state tested skills, onsite labs, hands-on clinicals. Included with the course is an optional OPEN LAB SKILL date(s) are also held after graduation and prior to state testing. Students can sign up for an Open LAB SKILL dates when they become available by going to our registration page. Please note that OPEN LAB SKILL dates are only offered to graduates of Compass Nursing Arts. Do not sign up unless you are a student who has graduated from our program. 

Watch this Required VIDEO LINK:


PLEASE NOTE:  COVID vaccination record will be required to attend clinicals.  Vaccine and booster(s) is required. Please contact us prior to enrollment if you have any questions or concerns email:

or call 303-484-9650.

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Suggestions for learners who think they may struggle:
 Register for the all-in person class, section A.
Order or pick up your textbook and folder at least a week before class. Our textbook is available on Amazon or you can pick it up from the school in advance of your class so you can study the vocabulary section. The textbook is included with tuition for those who pick it up.


The textbook is also available on Audible for the student who would like to listen to the book, while also reading the book.

Registration & Graduation Requirements:

  • Speak, write, and read English (no translation devices allowed).

  • At least 16 years old at the time of graduation

  • Uniform: For clinical: prefer solid blue scrub top with matching blue pants or black or grey scrub pants. For class any scrub top and pants of any color or pattern is okay. Please wear scrubs starting on day one of class.

  • Watch with a second hand

  • We will run a background check. If you believe you may have a misdemeanor or felony on your record, contact us to discuss with the program coordinator before registering and paying for the course. We can run the background check before you pay tuition when requested.

  • Required Drug Screening:Students can get a drug test at any reputable drug testing location or facility. Wiz-Quiz in Boulder will drug test Compass Nursing Arts students for a discount. Please note some students may be on a medication that may lead to a positive results initially. *Positive results may require second drug test. We have never yet, had a student not qualify for clinical when needing to do the second tier of testing. There are no guarantees on results, and a positive test could prevent a student from attending clinical. Most, if not all healthcare agencies and facilities will require a drug test result that is negative prior to employment. We feel this requirement prepares our students for working, and supporting our goal of promoting patient safety. For questions about drug testing, contact Wiz -Quiz in Boulder (737 29th St, Boulder, CO 80301)  by phone 720-975-4114, or email 

  • Documentation required BEFORE the 1st day of class: (please submit a week ahead if possible)

    • Negative TB test​ PPD (a 2-step process and will take at least 2 plus days to get a result), blood test, or negative chest X-ray report

    • Negative Drug Test Result

  • FULL COVID VACCINE documentation (include boosters). Email with questions or concerns, 303-484-9650.

    Flu vaccination in flu season (~Oct-April)
  • READING THE ENTIRE TEXTBOOK IS REQUIRED. Our textbook is also available on Audible. (Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care, The Basics, 5th Edition). 

  • For completion of the program a student must have 85% on the online portion (if Hybrid), at least 75% over ALL of the course content and at least 80% on the final exam. 

  • Class rules: No cell phone use in class except on breaks. No cell phones allowed in the clinical setting. Clean language and respectful behavior is required in all situations.

  • For more information about our policies and rules please email

  • Attendance & General Policies:

  • Be sure you are able to attend ALL class sessions and clinical dates, we are not able to do refunds. ALL students need to come the first day of class. If you do NOT show up, and want to transfer to another section, you will have to pay again for the course deposit. In a documented emergency situation we will work with you for course completion. PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY to reschedule  ( Payment for the balance of $725 is due 5 days BEFORE the first day of class. If needed ask us about a payment plan! We are happy to help.

 Total Cost is $1075